6 Tricks To Falling Asleep When You’re Stressed

Falling asleep

Falling asleep can feel nearly impossible when your heart and mind are racing. Funny enough, sleep is usually the thing you need most when you’re stressed.

This is a hard issue to deal with when you’re already in over your head. However, there are some tips you can use before bedtime to successfully catch some z’s.

Hopefully, these tricks are all helpful when you’re falling asleep in the midst of a lot of stress.

Box Breathing

In, two, three. Hold, two, three. Out, two, three. Hold, two, three. 

Box breathing is a simple method of controlled breathing that slows your heart rate and causes you to focus. The focus on your breathing helps get your mind off your circumstance.

The counting doesn’t let your brain overthink. Box breathing is a perfect coping tool for reducing anxiety during bedtime. Just make sure to breathe through your belly!

This is something that has helped many people calm down in drastic times. It can be done while you try the other tips following, as well. This can double up on your path to sleeping off your worries. 

Take A Shower/Bath

There is something about taking a shower or a bath that gives your mind space to see things a new perspective. Press the reset button and sit in some water for a while. 

The steam of a hot shower can open up your respiratory system, which can ease your breathing. Better breathing helps you physically manage your stress, especially when it’s paired with your box breathing. The quiet white noise of the running water is also soothing to your senses. 


Tapping two sides of your body can actually heal your brain and soothe your thoughts. This bilateral movement connects both sides of your brain, which can help your problem-solving abilities. 

You can tap anywhere that has a mirror-opposite to it on your body. The two sides of your collarbone and your legs are great places to tap. The collarbone is sensitive enough to give your brain good stimulation and your legs are naturally split into two distinct sides to your brain. 

Go On A Walk 

Heavy stress leaves you feeling restless. If you have pent up energy and emotion, the most relaxing thing may be a short period of physical activity.

Being active seems counterintuitive if you’re trying to wind down to go to sleep. However, sometimes getting the negative physical energy out first gives your brain room to think more productively. 

Going on a walk also lets you literally see more of the world than being trapped in the same four walls. Anything that give your mind a break from its current situation will invite more peace.

Lavender Essential Oil

This one is very helpful for giving your senses more ways to soothe themselves. Lavender is known to hep soothe emotions and clear headspace. Using lavender essential oils regularly fills your space with the stress-reducing scent.  

Diffusers disperse essential oils into the room you’re sleeping in. This can help set a very relaxing atmosphere to come back to after your walk, shower, or whatever else you decide to do.

All it takes to fall asleep is a little bit of time, intentionality, and self-care! Your overwhelmed brain will thank you later.