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How Much Money do You Need to Be Happy?
What’s the key to true happiness? Is it money, is it love? Sex? Parties? Kids? Well, all of these can boost your happiness, but according to at least one study, what really keeps most of us going is money. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about other topics; it just means having enough money makes everything easier. Before you...
Fresh Biz Ops Comin' For Ya in 2019
Looking to make a fresh start in 2019? We live in a gig-based economy, with more and more people doing very well with their own side hustles and small business ventures. All you have to do is identify your own skill set and build a business around it. The problem? Coming up with fresh ideas isn’t always easy. Let...
Gamers Wanted Your Skills Are Valuable At Work
The negativity associated with many gamers has held the spotlight for way too long; it’s time we flip the script and share some positivity. If you love games, you’ll love this. New evidence shows that gamers could have certain advantages that directly impact (and improve) their workplace performance. Who could’ve guessed all those seemingly wasted hours were actually training...
Get Better Friends Quick Here's Why
You and your friends have been through a lot together, and you’ve each helped to shape one other’s lives. But sometimes, that’s a problem instead of a benefit. If you’re still hanging out with any of these people, it just might be time to move on to greener pastures. Why? Because they're holding you back! Quick Read: Friends are good, but...
The 5 Relationships Killing Your Chances
The time we spend with family (bio or chosen), friends, work and social interaction defines who you are. It influences how you make decisions, what you learn, who you love, and even how you grow and evolve as a human being.  Your number one job? Learning how to choose the right people to spend your time with --- and also how...