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How to Structure Your Day for Success
Maybe you work at home. Maybe you’re a freelancer instead. Either way, one thing’s for sure: you’re your own boss. That sounds great (in theory) until you realize how tempting it is to slack off and chill out eating ice cream instead of working...missing all of your deadlines in the process. The truth is that you have more distractions...
Is Your Story Your Best New Side Gig?
  Your rough life might be a burden, but it can also be a significant motivator that helps you evolve and grow as a person, too. Sound corny? Here’s the thing; you can teach others how to avoid the mistakes you made and even earn some cash on the side at the same time. Essentially, you put your history to...
Ask These 3 Questions to Survive Hard Times
Life isn’t always easy, but when hard times hit, the world can feel like an unforgiving place. As hard as it gets, we believe you CAN survive – if you have the right information and support. But figuring out what you need isn’t always easy; you really need to dig deep and do a bit of soul-searching. Start with...
10 Ways Summer Road Trips Make you More Employable
Did you know that when it comes to road trips, whether you plan a route or simply drive, you’re building job skills that can better your future and make you more employable? Check out these 10 ways summer road trips help you become better on the job. Quick Read: Road trips are a staple of high school summers. While teens and...
3 Times You Shouldn't Be Yourself
We all have aspects to our personalities that could use improvement, with some of us needing more work than others. It’s important to be true to yourself, although sometimes that means drawing a line between the person you are and the one you would like to be. It’s also vital to identify the attributes that could be holding you...