Benefits Of Being An Early Riser

Early riser

“The early bird gets the worm!” You’ve likely heard this phrase in your life in regards to being an early riser. Well, what if the worm was something very beneficial to you, like the betterment of your mental health? 

There are many benefits of being an early riser. Some are scientifically backed, and others are lifestyle benefits. It’s not like you have to wake up early to be a good person, but it certainly helps with some critical aspects of your life. 

Here are some ways that being an early riser ‘getting the worm’ could help your life. 

Sense Of Purpose

You’ve experienced it– your alarm disturbs your wonderful dream and tells you it’s time to get up. Although you may not like how your day starts, you probably feel better about yourself than the days you sleep in until noon. 

Waking up early gives your day a head start and a blank slate for anything to happen. It forces you to be more creative with something you want or need to do because you’re already up. 

You may feel overwhelmed by the crushing weight of all you have to do. Hoping more sleep will make it go away will only help you build more anxiety. Try waking up early and accomplishing one small thing at a time. 

Mental Health 

This is a big plus! Many people report lower amounts of depression and stress after extended periods of early rising. The best pairing for an early alarm is to get outside as early as possible. All the extra vitamin D from hours more sun will boost your mood significantly. 

Maybe getting up early is the first step to getting out of a rut you’re stuck in. It can be hard to feel good about your life once you’ve been in a slump. The best thing is to walk out of it one step at a time. Having healthy time in your mornings also opens the door to the next healthy steps.

Where Does It All Come From?

When you start waking up early, it can be hard to believe how much time is in the day. Waking up early boosts your mood, and maybe leads you to find what you want to do with your extra time. 

You probably have something you have wanted to do at some point–big or small. Mornings are the perfect time to do something that benefits you. However, try to avoid technology at all costs. There will be enough of that throughout your day. 

On-Time All The Time 

Being an early riser means having lots of space in your morning. If you’re already up and doing things, you won’t struggle as much to get out the door. 

Have A Good Morning, Have A Good Night

The great part about giving purpose to your morning is that it also encourages the benefit of your night. If you get up early, you probably want to go to bed at a reasonable hour. This means you’re not staying up late at night feeling like you have no purpose. 

Much-Needed Downtime 

Depression and anxiety have been on the rise in recent years. Waking up early gives you the chance to sit in peace for a little before the craziness of the day starts. It’s like a mini vacation every morning!