This is How You Find Your Passion

Find your passion

Trying to find your passion is challenging. Some people just seem to know what they want to do with their lives from a young age. If you aren’t fully invested in a hobby or career path, you might question if you have any passions at all.

Most likely, you do have passions and potential hobbies, but you haven’t found them yet. It’s time for you to find your passion and let it point you toward hobbies or careers that you actually enjoy!

There are about 120 notable abilities that humans can experience and express. Here are a few broad categories of abilities to dive into, as well as a few hobbies to try out.


This is an incredibly popular hobby. Moving your body is one of the most fun things you can do. If you enjoy moving your body, there are tons of hobbies you can try.

Hobbies to Try:

Sports, sports, sports! If you join a sport, you get to enjoy practicing, exercise while having fun, and be with others who enjoy your passions.

If you’re looking for career paths, anything that lets you be on your feet and active is perfect for you. You can be an event planner, first responder, or any other job that keeps you on your toes. 


If you’re passionate about growth, you may want to spend your time learning how to help yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you’re drawn to this category, you’re most likely empathetic, introspective, and extremely self-aware.

Hobbies to Try:

Reading, having deep conversations, and growing in the knowledge of intrapersonal and interpersonal topics. You would most likely thrive in motivational speaking, counseling, and encouraging yourself and others to grow into their best self.


This may sound silly–saying your skill is surviving. But if you fit in this category, you’re especially inclined to explore survival skills

You highly enjoy nature, figuring out how things work, and being active. You’re very good at identifying and differentiating things like plants, species, and many other things in the natural world.

Hobbies to Try:

Try diving into things that take you back to simplicity, nature, and the basics of life. Cooking, baking, farming, working with animals, hiking, exploring, and even working in healthcare could scratch this itch. 

Find something that connects you to nature, your body, or others. Dig down to simple connections with people, places, and things. 


This could mean a variety of things. Whether it’s logic, linguistics, learning, or anything else that focuses on gaining knowledge, this is another popular area of passion. Growing in knowledge about a variety of things is a great way to find your passion and pursue it!

Hobbies to Try:

If you’re passionate about learning, try learning a language, taking a class, or watching teaching videos on subjects that you’re interested in. You have the best shot in a career if you’re passionate about anything in this area. 


Creativity is a broad term for a variety of passions. Most passions require some extent of creativity, but the ones that fit in this category are a little more artistic than most.

Hobbies to Try:

Music is a prominent passion in this world. This is a great hobby to explore if you like expression, creativity, and simply appreciating things. Music has a solid mixture of logistics, mathematics, creativity, and so much more, so it’s a great option for anyone to consider as a creative outlet.

Other forms of art to try are painting, writing, building, designing, architecture, theater, and even digital creations. Photography, videography, and graphic design are other great options to consider if you’re interested in being more tech-savvy. 

Try it out!

There’s no way to find your passion unless you push yourself to try some things. Try some or all of these and start a new journey of loving the simple things in life.