5 Ways You Sabotage Your Success Without Realizing It

Despite what your brain tells you late at night when you’re trying to sleep, all is not lost. There is no reason in the world you can’t live a successful life. You are allowed to have dreams and goals and you have the universe’s permission to achieve them. What you really need to do, in the meantime, is knock off the self-sabotage. Yes, you. Stop holding yourself back.

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Do you lie to yourself, have a limited vision for the future, and hang your coat on your past? Do you try to wing your way through life on a hope and a dream but with no real plan? No wonder you’re spinning wheels. It’s time to take control of your life and kick your self-sabotaging habits to the curb.

Stop Sabotaging Yourself. The Life You Dream of Is Within Reach.

You’re Hung Up On Your Past

Listen very carefully: your past does not define your future. Everyone has some sort of baggage. Maybe you grew up in a bad neighborhood, witnessed things others could never dream of, or had some terrifying life experiences. Those things will make you stronger. They do not have to hold you back.

You Lie to Yourself – A Lot

You don’t mean to; it just sort of happens. You half-@ss a project and promise yourself you’ll give it 100 percent next time (but next time never comes). You constantly tell yourself you’ll do , but you constantly procrastinate. You are letting yourself down every single time you tell yourself you’ll do something tomorrow, next week, or next month instead of just getting the job done.

You Can’t See the Big Picture

We live in a world where instant gratification is the norm, and you’re probably no exception. You start out with long and short-term goals, but you love the way those faster achievements feel. You dwell on them, you reward yourself for them, and sometimes you even set yourself back (cake after a workout, anyone?). You constantly lose sight of your end-goal and, as a result, it gets pushed further and further away from reach. Start focusing on what matters for the long-term instead.

You Beat Yourself Up for Making Mistakes

For some reason you think you should get everything you do right on the first try. That’s a pretty unrealistic way to go about life. Everyone makes mistakes (everyone, even the writers here at DA). Mistakes are hiccups and can be corrected. They aren’t failures. As a matter of fact, mistakes help us grow and move forward (so do your failures).

You Don’t Have a Plan

You have goals, you have visions, and you have dreams. You don’t have a plan for achieving any of those things. You think you’re going to wake up every morning and take a step closer to your goals when, in reality, you’re treading water. You need to create a clear map of the steps necessary to get from point A (here and now) to point B (your future goals).

Don’t over-analyze yourself and dig yourself into a deeper hole. Self-sabotage is pretty common; in fact, it’s almost a human condition. The sooner you get out of your own way, the sooner you’ll start to experience major change in your life.