Easy Ways to Learn a Second Language as an Adult

There are many reasons to learn a second language as an adult, but it can feel daunting. Maybe you are traveling to another country, want to increase your skill set, or just want to speak another language. With these tips, you can maximize your learning.

  • Online Language Programs

There are many programs online and through textbooks that have been created for learning a language. Many of these programs provide everything you need for an educational fee. You can do them at your own pace and through the internet.

    • Duolingo
    • Pimsleur
    • Rosetta Stone
    • Babbel
    • italki
    • Idlewild
  • Language Books

Some people may enjoy using a physical book for learning a language. If you look in the children’s learning section, you can find easy to comprehend and step-by-step language instruction. If you find that too basic, you can purchase language books at your local bookstore or online that give you instruction. You can also find workbooks that may help with the writing and comprehension of the language.

  • Book immersion

Go to the children’s library and pick up books in that language. Start with books made for toddlers and work your way up. This helps with reading and understanding.

  • Language exchange

You can contact a person to have conversations with you in person, or you can go to chat rooms on the internet where you can talk to someone else of that language. The purpose of these chat rooms is solely for language practicing.

    • Dialup
  • Video learning

Watching TV or a movie is a great way to learn a language or supplement your learning. You can find online instructional videos, songs, movies, and so much more. You can also find entertainment and watch a TV show or movie in that language.

    • Netflix
    • YouTube videos
    • Brain pop
  • Audio

There are many resources where you can listen to learning a language through headphones. Or maybe you want to listen in your car.

  • Games

There are lots of online games in different languages. They are rewarding and enjoyable while learning.

Quick Tips:

  • Use all different types of resources
  • Repetition is the key to success
  • Find specific time for learning
  • Start to use it every day, including labeling of vocabulary words
  • Practice it in your everyday life
  • Focus on one part of the language to make it easier