Here’s What Self-Care Really Means

Here's What Self-Care Really Means

The term “self-care” has become a buzzword in recent years, referring to anything from treating yourself to a Starbucks run in the morning to splurging on a weekend at the spa, all in the name of taking care of yourself. While you do certainly deserve the occasional coffee or massage, there might be more you could be doing for your wellbeing. Not all of it is fun, but it is all worth it.

More Than Relaxation

Self-care literally means taking care of yourself, and while that may mean taking it easy when you need to, it also means taking care of your body with good nutrition, regular physical activity and medical attention when you need it. Some of the most important but overlooked aspects of self-care include scheduling doctor’s appointments, taking medication and developing healthy habits around sleep. These parts of self-care aren’t exactly glamorous, but they’re necessary to keep yourself healthy and thriving.

Taking Care of Your Finances

When you think of self-care, an image of pouring over budget spreadsheets probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But you need a strong financial foundation if you want to manage other aspects of your life. Self-care means more than putting your feet up after a long day. It also means tracking your income and expenses and working toward long-term financial goals, like saving and paying down debt.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Self-care isn’t just about doing the things that bring you joy. It also means pushing yourself toward personal growth and getting out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s public speaking or traveling by yourself, doing more of what scares you can show you how strong and resilient you are and help you build new skills.

Setting Boundaries

Your time, money and resources are precious commodities, and you’re the only person who knows your limits. It can be uncomfortable to say no or push back against well-meaning friends and family who think they know what’s best for you, but it’s also important to set firm boundaries. This may mean declining an invitation to a social event because you need some time alone or turning down a new opportunity because your plate is already full. Whatever it is, learning to set your priorities around what matters most to you is ultimately what self-care is all about.

Relaxing is important, but taking care of yourself can also be hard work. It isn’t always fun to manage your money or get yourself to the doctor, but these are the kinds of habits that will benefit you in the long run. And by taking better care of yourself now, you may decrease your need for a weekend spa trip later.

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