The Best Study Tips According to Science

The Best Study Tips According to Science

( – In the college world, some students live for tests, while others shudder at the thought. Which category do you fall in? If it’s the latter, then the surest way to get over the fear is to be prepared and ace that puppy! If cramming for an exam the night before with a pot full of coffee isn’t working, give these tips a try.

Get Into Quiz Mode

Quizzes gauge how your mind has soaked in all the info you just read or were taught in class. One way to prepare for tomorrow’s exam is to simply quiz yourself on what you’ve learned. You can even grab a partner if you’d like.

Create your own quiz based on notetaking and summaries in the back chapters you’ve been reading. If you don’t do well on the tests, go back and read and study some more. Focus on your weaknesses and place your attention there.

Space Out Your Studies

If you like to cram for tests, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you see that you’re still missing the mark when the grades come in, try a different approach.

Ed DeLosh, a psychology professor from Colorado State University, suggests that you try spacing out your studies. From a scientific perspective, you may work more effectively if you do it in smaller chunks. This helps your brain really focus, and you may get better results.

Learn About the Different Ways to Learn

If you’ve always been someone who is a visual learner, that’s great, but cognitive science suggests it’s wise to utilize all of your options. Take time to explore different angles. This could be verbal, aural or just a different perspective altogether. You may find yourself catching on a lot easier than you anticipated. The result is a better outcome with your final grades.

Study in a Group

It’s no fun to do things alone, and this includes studying. Try forming a study group of students who may be in some of your same classes. Social distancing? Use Skype or Zoom. You can still get the same benefits and colab on projects while sharing helpful study tips and ways to ace that big exam coming up.

There’s no getting around having to study to make the grade! It’s an integral part of the educational process. But using science to back it up, you can transform your study skills into an effective way to retain the right information. Here’s to your bright future. Onward and upward!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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