Expand Your Career Options with a Degree in Graphic Design

Expand Your Career Options with a Degree in Graphic Design
Expand Your Career Options with a Degree in Graphic Design

Graphic design majors are often proficient in digital visual design skills as well as other excellent art formats and mediums, too. As a result, your graphic design degree can pave the path to a wide variety of artistic and creative career paths. You might choose to go to work for a corporation, freelance, or even start your own business. In this post, you’ll discover five incredible jobs you can get with your graphic design degree.

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A graphic design major leaves college with a degree that serves as the key to a wide variety of creative career paths. They often become designers, website developers, brand identity managers, and creative/art directors, paving the way to incredible lifelong creativity and work. Click through to the full article to learn about these careers and what makes them so special.

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Graphic Designer

The most basic career for graphic design graduates is, of course, graphic design. In this role, you will develop logos, product illustrations, and website content. You may also be in charge of maintaining image archives or altering images for your employer. Graphic designers play an important role in creating everything from books and magazines to marketing materials, clothing, illustrations, clip-art, and even product packaging. The median annual salary is approximately $47,000 per year.

Website Developer

Add a little bit of computer technology to your skill set and you could become a web developer. You’ll not only design web layouts from an artistic standpoint, but will also be able to use different script and code languages to design and build the sites from the bottom up. Web developers also need to be able to test websites and evaluate code.

The median annual salary for most website developers is approximately $65,000. The need for website developers is expected to grow at a faster rate than the average job.

Brand Identity Management

A business’s brand is more than just a logo. It involves the entire visual sphere that represents how people see a business in different modalities. A brand identity designer may create a logo and other in-house stationary, but you’ll also play a huge role in the development of media, promotional materials, and any other marketing tool a consumer may come into contact with. Brand identity managers have to keep up with current design trends while maintaining their corporation’s sense of consistency.

The average salary for a brand identity designer is $93,000 per year. However, brand managers who work for major companies, like Apple or Sony, could make significantly more.

Creative/Art Director

A creative/art director usually heads up a team that consists of graphic designers and other creative individuals, which may include copywriters, photographers, and production staff. They are frequently responsible for television campaigns, magazine layouts, billboards and other forms of advertising agency controlled mediums. While the job is largely supervisory in nature, having a good eye for graphic design is important so that you can do some of your own design work while intuitively guiding your team.

The average annual salary for a creative/art director is $95,000. However, there is significant room for expansion depending on who you work for and where you work.

Graphic design degrees are incredibly versatile, allowing you to work in general design work, animation, multimedia design, public relations, web development, and so much more. No matter which field you choose, be sure the school you attend has a strong program for helping students find job opportunities after graduation. Get started on your path to a brilliant creative career in graphic design with an online degree today.