The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Gift Shopping For Your Boss

At the peak of the holiday season, there’s lots of pressure to find the perfect gift for everybody around you. It can be tricky trying to track down a gift that’s meaningful, especially for people in your workplace.

When you’re trying to distribute gifts and show everyone around you how much you care, what’s the best gift to give your boss at work? Here are the do’s and don’ts of holiday gift shopping if you want to buy something for your employer. 

DON’T be a showoff

Buying a gift for your boss doesn’t have to break the bank. Gifting an expensive item for your boss to like you more is a tacky way to earn their good graces. Avoid gifting items that are unnecessarily showy, like collectibles or expensive electronics. 

DO show that you listen

A quality gift shows that you listen well and care about the needs of the people around you. Pay attention to the small routines that your employer has throughout their workday- maybe they always run to Starbucks during their commute, or they like to take stretch breaks to help them think. You can find gifts that encourage more productive workflow and help them feel seen while at their job.

DON’T buy meaningless items

Your employer can afford to buy a pair of house slippers or a tacky fruit basket if they really want to. You don’t need to be the one who purchases more clutter for their home that they’ll never use. Avoid buying items that lack sentimental value or practical purpose. It will only waste your money and take up unnecessary space. 

DO give an experience

Encourage your boss to relax and enjoy their time while they’re off the clock by gifting them with an experience. You can find deals on sites like Groupon to find tickets to a cool show or discounts for a soothing spa day. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s suited to their interests and is compatible with their work schedule.

DON’T be unprofessional

Immature gag gifts used for pranks might not be the best present to give your boss. Although you might want to bring a laugh or two to lighten the mood over the holidays, you don’t want to cross the threshold of acting too childish. If you have a silly gift idea, consult a few coworkers before wrapping it up and delivering it. 

DO know your boundaries

When it comes to workplace gift exchanges, make sure you know your audience. It might cause tension if you go too overboard to find a gift for a manager with whom you hardly exchange small talk. Assess how well you personally know your employer so that you don’t overwhelm them with the pressure of an extravagant present.