8 Ways to Use Flashcards Effectively

8 Ways to Use Flashcards Effectively

(DegreeAdvisers.com) – There’s a huge exam coming up. This one will actually make or break your grade, so you need to get serious right now about your study skills. That means taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal. Flashcards can be a great tool. Here are some ways to use them effectively.

Use Mnemonic Devices

Also referred to as a memory aid, this technique helps with memory by association. You can use a pattern of numbers or letters and associate them with songs, outlines and special rhymes. This makes the memory hold longer.

Make Your Own

When it comes to creating a good visual tool, flashcards come in clutch. But not any old card will do. You need to make your own. Get some blank cards and use different colors to create your own Q and A. This can help you retain the information better because you created it.

Mix Words and Pictures

Try combining certain keywords along with photos. For example, doodle a picture and write a descriptive sentence underneath it. This is referred to as the picture superiority effect, where some people can remember images better than words.

Allow One Question Per Card

Some people cram a bunch of questions onto one little flash card. While it may save space, this can make it hard to decipher all the information and stash it into your memory bank. Limit yourself to just one question per card to simplify things and help you focus on one question at a time.

Break Up Complex Concepts

Some ideas can be too intense or complex to form into just one question on your flash card. Breaking down all of this information into multiple questions can make them more study worthy.

Say Answers Out Loud

When you go through your flashcards, be sure to really focus on each answer. Long gone are the days of suffering in silence and studying in the library. One tip is to say each answer out loud to yourself. This can help reiterate the information and make it easier to remember.

Study Both Sides of Your Cards

If someone is quizzing you, be sure to let them show you not only the question, but the answer on the opposite side. Studying both sides helps you create a visual.

This comes in handy if you visually know the answer, but the words are stuck on the tip of your tongue. A test question could pop up, and you may draw a blank or forget the spelling. This helps you get the identification down pat.

Use Them With Other Study Methods

Flash cards are a great learning tool, but you can take your study skills up a notch when you try them with other study methods. Combine flash cards with these other approaches to really improve your skills:

  • Mind maps
  • Creating your own quizzes
  • Taking practice tests created by someone else
  • Writing out small essays in your own words

This will help you soak up as much information as possible.

Using flashcards effectively means getting the most out of each card. This ultimately enhances the study experience, but it also ensures that you walk into the classroom ready for virtually any question. Getting the right information and retaining it properly is the main goal. Don’t worry, you’ll ace your test. You’ve got this!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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