Here’s How to Make Studying Fun

If you’re a college student, there’s one task you can’t get around, and that’s studying. Do you often put it off until the last minute because it’s just so boring? Sometimes it can feel like running nails down a chalkboard, but it doesn’t have to. 

It’s all about perspective. Adapting to a specific mindset wherever you’re at can make a world of difference. Try out these tips to make studying something to look forward to, instead of something to dread. 

Change Up Your Environment

Your corner nook in the dorm room typically serves as a quiet place to get some hard-core studying done, but it also bores you and puts you to sleep. Maybe it’s time to change up your environment. If distractions are a problem, choose a quiet nook on campus. Here are some interesting and fun locales to try:

  • Your local outfitter store (like Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s) usually has a coffee shop with a background ambiance that includes taxidermy, fish tanks, and waterfalls. 
  • Train station lobbies offer a fast-paced and noisy environment (if that’s your cup of tea). 
  • Trendy hotel lobbies have beautiful business areas and lounges perfect for studying. 
  • Botanical gardens can offer a relaxing view while you hit the books. 
  • Art museums tend to be quiet and make for a nice change of pace. 
  • Rooftop patios allow you to get fresh air and a different view while usually offering added privacy. 

Your new favorite study spot could be a bench under a tree or even the back booth at the local coffee shop on band night. Need more fun? Use your cordless earphones and listen to some peppy tunes to boost the ambiance and motivate you to work.

Grab a Fun Study Partner

Sometimes the best way to make studying fun is to do it with someone else. All giggling and joking around aside (because you two love to laugh), quizzing each other may make the study process more enjoyable. It’s also a great motivator. 

It’s okay to get caught up on the day and crack jokes during the study session, but also remember to cover the key points of the upcoming exam. Correlate the answers with some funny stories or people you know. Laughter is a good remedy for a mundane task. 

Create Mini-Rewards

Discipline is key when it comes to study time, so consider some small rewards. If you’re holding off on playing your favorite video game because of studying, reward yourself ahead of time. If you read a certain number of chapters, you can play your game early.

Maybe a food reward would work? Treat yourself to your favorite candy when you complete a chapter or two. Or go for a caramel macchiato if you finish reading and quizzing yourself off your study sheet. 

Make It a Game

Another way to get through the aggravating task of studying is to make it a fun experience. Turn it into a game. This option may be best with a partner or multiple people in your class. Try out funny flashcards and quizzes with questions prepared ahead of time. 

You might also try organizing a treasure hunt. If you answer correctly before the other person, you get one step closer to finding the prize. Rewards can be simple fidget toys, or everyone can donate some cash or gift cards. It may take a little prep work, but it can be fun in the end. 

There are several ways to make studying fun. Having your favorite music playing, choosing a comfy spot, and getting rid of distractions is a good start. From there, add strategies that can make the experience go by faster while still helping you retain important information and facts. With the right approach, you can get more solid study time under your belt and be ready to ace the exam.