Watch These Teachers React to Sweet Letters From Previous Students

When students move on to the next grade, they typically lose touch with the teachers that guided their learning process during the school year. A quality teacher can be life-changing for a student that needs that mentorship role filled in their life. These previous students have been greatly impacted by 

Watch as these veteran teachers get to hear words of encouragement from previous students. Some laugh while reminiscing about the memories that their students have during their time in the classroom. Others cry as they learn for the first time just how much impact they had on the development of these students that are all grown up. 

Being able to say “thank you” to their childhood heroes was also healing for the people that got to write the letters. These words of gratitude were pent up for years, and making them known helped them to recognize how they grew during their school experience. 

These teachers helped their students overcome insecurity, feel included, and find their voice. Without the intentionality and personal investment of their teachers, these adults would not feel as prepared to face the various challenges of the real world. 

Never forget the power that positive words can have over people. It can propel them to do greater good for the world around them and keep shining their light. These teachers felt motivated to do more after learning how much a small act of kindness can make a difference.