How to Structure Your Day for Success

How to Structure Your Day for Success

Maybe you work at home. Maybe you’re a freelancer instead. Either way, one thing’s for sure: you’re your own boss. That sounds great (in theory) until you realize how tempting it is to slack off and chill out eating ice cream instead of working…missing all of your deadlines in the process. The truth is that you have more distractions at home when you’re self-directed than you’ll ever have at the office. Staying on track is as easy as structuring your day for success with these insanely good strategies.

Quick Read:
Learn how incorporating structure into your day can help you stay focused and complete tasks on time. Wouldn’t you love to have your daily to-do list checked off earlier rather than later? The goal is not to have more time but to make that time as useful and productive as possible. Check out how!

Here’s the Secret to Boosting Productivity and Resolution.  

Write Down the Big Idea

For most creative minds, writing stuff down is vital to making an idea come to fruition.

Does this work for you?

If you’re your own boss, you have a lot on your plate. It only makes sense to use one big calendar or planner that shows everything you need to do. Write out tasks, like walking the dog, running to the store, or finishing that 18-page spreadsheet due by 3 p.m., so you can see them all neatly laid out. You’ll gain more control by being better able to visualize what’s on the agenda for the day.

Prep the Night Before

Set aside a chunk of time at the end of your workday to prep for tomorrow’s workload. Have a phone call with your manager or clients to discuss an upcoming project? Lay out the prep work tonight so you have less to focus on when your workday starts. Compose your weekly schedule and go over what’s done and things that are past due. Highlight those projects on your priority list for tomorrow’s work schedule.

Schedule Your Work in Blocks

If sitting at your desk all day seems daunting and sucks the life out of you, it’s not a productive work environment for you. That’s okay – you can totally work with it.

Cut up your workload by taking frequent breaks throughout the day. Keep the longer breaks at the midday point – times when brain fog is most prevalent. Or, get up from your desk and work somewhere else. Maybe it’s in a comfy armchair, on the front lawn, or down by a quiet section of beach.

Look, it doesn’t matter where you work as long as you work productively. The specifics will be different for everyone. You do you!

Also, make your breaks actually breaks. Get away from your computer or work and energize yourself with fresh air or even playing with pets. Drink lots of H20 to stay hydrated; dehydration is directly linked to fatigue and lack of concentration.

Remove Distractions

Self-made bosses stand behind what they say. Being able to back your words up starts with structuring your day to complete tasks with ease and confidence. If you’re constantly being interrupted or distracted, failure can sweep in and take over.

That’s not an option.

If you’re distracted at home, go to the coffee shop, library or sit outside and work. Invest in some headphones to drown out background noise. Put your phone on silent and stay away from social media and games if they are tempting you. Designate a time to return calls or answer messages. Stick to your allotted schedule so you stay on track.

The Checklist

  • Create a list that structures your daily tasks and activities
  • Build in blocks for flex time to ensure you roll with the punches
  • Find a quiet place to be productive – whether home or away
  • Take small breaks to refuel and recharge mental acuity
  • Exercise each day and eat healthy – including H20
  • Incorporate activities into your work day that bring you peace and happiness
  • Dress for success even if you don’t leave the house

Your goal here is to feel that you accomplished something good by the end of the day. Sometimes, it’ll be just one or two things; other times, you’ll rockstar it and feel like you achieved more than you ever have before. That’s just the ebb and flow of working freelance in the crazy gig economy. Either way, you accomplished something and that’s something to really be proud of.

~Here’s to Your Success