Tips for Asking for a Raise or Promotion

When it comes to moving up the corporate ladder, one thing is for certain; it can be a cut-throat process. There are plenty of other capable, qualified candidates that can zip right past you and take your dream job. So what makes some people stand out from the rest? It may have something to do with not just who they know but how they approach the subject.

Ready to move up in the job world? Try these tips when asking for a raise or promotion at work. 

Start Proving Your Worth Now

There’s no better time than now to show your boss and other upper management that you mean business. You care about your job and the best interest of the company as well. This means putting in that extra effort to help out fellow employees or staying later to make sure a project is finished ahead of schedule.

Consider taking some additional classes online or after work. Furthering your education is a great asset to add to your resume. It also puts you ahead of the game when it comes to getting a promotion. 

Practice Your Pitch

While some of the best meetings are on the spot, you may want to be a little prepared when asking for a raise. Outline what you want to say, and jot down career and growth objectives, including strong points. Read it out loud a few times. 

Because nerves may build up, being prepared can be a big help. Things to cover include professional accomplishments, desired salary, why you deserve it, and what exactly you bring to the table. 

Provide Solid Stats

Simply asking for a promotion via email or in casual conversation may not cut it. Did you notice your co-worker got a raise last quarter, but you didn’t? What did he do that landed him more money per hour? It could be he knew exactly what he wanted and got it. 

When researching for your job or promotion, search local and state demographics. What’s the average salary for your position? Have base numbers and statistics available to recite verbatim. When armed with the facts, your boss should appreciate your savviness.

Share Future Expectations

Going above and beyond the call of duty is a good starting point towards landing a raise. This shows you’re a real team player and willing to take charge without being asked. When you do meet with your boss face-to-face, be sure to bring up your future expectations and long-term goals. 

Do you want to be in management one day? Maybe you seek a different position entirely, and you’re willing to train for it. Managers are impressed with people who want to advance their careers. This can be beneficial for them and for you. 

There’s never a guarantee that we will get a raise or promotion when we ask for it. The best you can do is keep working hard and raising the bar high for yourself daily. It never hurts to keep the lines of communication open with your boss. Let him know you want more for what you do without being pushy. The best things come to those who try their hardest!