Get on One of These Fast Tracks to Success

Thinking of going to college, but are worried about building up mountains of debt over a several-year-long education? There’s more than one way to get qualified. Check out these three alternative options you can use to make your way into the workforce faster without a four-year program.

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There are quicker ways to earn a valuable education than studying at a university for a four to six-year diploma. Alternate routes include accelerated online programs, certificate programs, and vocational schooling, all of which can take under two years and save you financial strife. Find out below if any of these options could help you find the job of your dreams.

Learn the Details About These Faster, More Affordable Education Options.

Accelerated Online Programs

If you’re looking for a way to get a quick education, you should consider enrolling in an accelerated online program. Many accredited universities offer remote learning options, but some even give you the opportunity of earning your diploma in half the standard time or less. How would you like to receive a Bachelor’s diploma in just 12 to 18 months? If you’re willing to put in the work, it is possible through some colleges. Plus, less time studying means less money spent and the ability to enter the workforce faster.

Certificate Programs

Not everyone has the time and money for a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at a college. However, a certificate from training or a remote program can be just as valuable in helping you pursue your dreams. Certificate programs often cost significantly less than undergraduate or graduate diplomas, not to mention many of them take under a year to earn.

Getting a job with the help of a certificate can improve your finances just as much as earning a Bachelor’s education, depending on your field. For instance, there are certificate programs for web development, medical coding, mechanics, and dentistry. In just one year, you could become qualified to work as a dental assistant, making almost $40,000 a year. Requirements for web developers can vary, but if your employer is willing to accept a certificate, you could earn $67,000 a year or more.

Vocational Education

Maybe instead of attending a college, you could decide to go to vocational school. Earning an education through a trade school can help you find jobs in medicine, construction, technology, and other well-paying fields. Usually, this path is faster than regular college since trade schools allow you to jump right into your field of interest without making you take general education classes. Trade school tends to be less expensive than college, and most programs, whether online or in-person, take two years or under to complete.

You aren’t just limited to one path for success. There are options available that can save you finances while setting you up for a fulfilling job at the same time, if you just look hard enough. Start looking online now and find the fast track that will make employers want you more.