How to Test Your True Interest in a Career

How to Test Your True Interest in a Career
How to Test Your True Interest in a Career

Have you always wanted to know what you want to be when you grow up? If not, you’re not alone! Finding a career that covers all the necessary bases of being satisfying while still providing you with the means to be able to afford a good life can feel like a juggling act. How would you like to actively test your interest before delving more deeply into a career?

Take a Class

A career that looks interesting on paper might bore you to tears in reality. One way to gauge your interest is to take a class. Go ahead and delve into the realities of a career in an objective manner that won’t sugar coat it. You might learn about the depth and length of the education required, what to expect during a typical day, or get some experience in the type of work you will be doing. This could help you determine if you’d be happy working in the field on a daily basis.


Consider seeking out volunteer opportunities where you can see for yourself how a typical day would unfold for you. A good example is volunteering before joining the medical field — there is plenty of room for volunteers and you can get some hands-on experience.

Medical professions are some of the fastest-growing career fields in the country. You would be meeting challenging demands from patients, coworkers and other medical professionals. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to help an organization while also determining if it is truly your passion.

Talk to the Professionals

Talk to those professionals who work in a career that interests you. Go on, ask for information about how they face the challenges of their everyday lives on the job. Don’t be afraid of the tough questions that give you clues about how they deal with the frustrating or challenging aspects of their jobs. Ask the physicians how they approach their patients who aren’t responding to their best efforts. Find out if the attorney you’re speaking with is satisfied with their work-life balance, if that’s important to you. Talk to the software engineer and learn if they constantly feel like they’re one step behind the hackers that could breach their company’s security. Asking these specific questions can give you valuable insight on those issues that could make a difference in your overall satisfaction with the career you’ve chosen.

The sheer number of careers and niches these days are exciting. Being able to test your true and lasting interest in a career can make the decision-making process easier and less stressful.