Identify How You Learn Best

There are eight different styles of learning. Some children and adults learn by using multiple styles, and some learn by only using one. Figuring out which type of learner you are will help you to recall information. If you have never given this a thought, this will be a big “aha” moment for you. As humans, we don’t all learn well from books or teachers. We learn through videos, reading a book ourselves, or making a craft. We also learn through music, through math, and from others. What makes us all unique is our ability to learn differently and have different perspectives on a subject matter. Here are some helpful bullet points to identify what kind of learner you are.

Before trying to find out what type of learner you are, it might help to learn what types there are. Learn More Here.

1. Verbal Learner: 

  • Enjoy listening to a topic taught to them
  • More auditory learner
  • Are great in lecture-style classes or presentations

2. Auditory Learner: 

  • Enjoy hearing about a topic
  • Can listen to a recording
  • Enjoys audiobooks

3. Musical Learner: 

  • Also auditory
  • Recall information easier if set to music
  • Adding music to a subject helps greatly
  • Uses their left brain to process

4. Visual Learner: 

  • Like to read about a topic
  • Likes to look at images about a subject
  • Likes to view a movie or video on a screen
  • Enjoys a topic drawn onto a board
  • Great with charts, graphs, maps
  • Can see a word when they look at an object
  • See images when recalling a subject
  • Puts together projects without the instructions

5. Mathematical/Logical Learner: 

  • Enjoy analyzing data
  • Great with math
  • Enjoy physics
  • Good with computer programming
  • Great with coding
  • Explains topics that there is a system and process for everything
  • Everything has a reason in life

6. Physical (Kinesthetic) Learner: 

  • Recall information after touching the subject
  • Create a model or craft based on the subject
  • Enjoys science and anatomy and learns them best in a lab
  • Does well with Laboratory chemistry
  • Likes to move when learning
  • Can exercise and learn
  • Enjoy working on projects that use hands

7. Social Learner:

  • Enjoy listening to others
  • Enjoy learning in a group
  • Would rather be with others than alone
  • Extremely social
  • Like to observe others
  • Enjoys group sports
  • Likes group projects

8. Solitary Learner: 

  • Likes to learn subjects on their own
  • Like to read by themselves
  • Likes to be in a quiet place to learn
  • Are comfortable by themselves
  • Does not do well in group learning