Look Out! It’s Raining Drones

Drones are more prevalent now than they’ve ever been. Many people use the tiny aircrafts recreationally, but they also have applications in agriculture, filmmaking, military operations, disaster relief, and more. While they’re common, it’s still shocking to see them falling from the skies like these light show attendees witnessed in China.

Drone incidents are more common than most people realize. One crashed into the Leaning Tower of Pisa in September 2021. In the same month, someone tried to send a drone carrying drugs to prison only to have it land at a school instead. 

There have also been instances where people have used drones as peeping Toms, spying on unsuspecting private residences and swimming pools. 

Most drone users treat their crafts as fun toys, but they still need to be careful to avoid accidents or invasions of privacy. Some incidents have nefarious roots, while most boil down to operator error. That was certainly the case when drones started dropping from the sky at the light show in China. No one intended any harm, and fortunately, no one was injured — only surprised.  

So, the next time you’re at a light show, remember: it might be a good idea to look outside and make sure skies are clear of dropping drones before braving the streets. If the coast is clear, grab an umbrella anyway.