Tips for Working from Home with Mans Best Friend or Feline

Getting to work from home with your pet is beneficial in so many ways. You aren’t worried about your four-legged friend; you can feed them on your schedule, you have playtime throughout the day, and you can take breaks and go on walks or play together.

It may seem like the perfect scenario with your pet lounging next to you as you type away or make video calls. But how do you make sure your pet isn’t feeling ignored or pushed aside when you are busy?

  1. Set Reminders

Set calendar reminders throughout the day to spend time with your pet. They are social beings and will love your attention. A typical schedule could include waking in the morning, feeding your pet, letting it out, or taking it on a walk. Then at lunchtime, spend time with your pet while eating lunch and relaxing. Add in some time to feed your pet a dinner, and make sure you log off and spend the evening with your four-legged friend.

  1. Get Up

Before starting work, get up earlier so you can walk, feed, and play with your pet. Animals like to sleep most of the day, so if you exercise them in the morning before starting work, you will have many hours of your pet just resting with you.

  1. Socialize

Set up playdates with friends where your pet can interact with another animal. For dogs, you can set up a playdate for them to play while you also get to socialize. The pet ends up tired and relaxed afterward, and you also benefited from being social while working from home.

  1. Get outside

Take your pet with you and work at local parks or other outdoor venues so your pet can be outside in a new location and you can still work while enjoying each other.

  1. Eat together

Go to lunch with your pet at a local restaurant or make food and take it to a location together.

  1. Purchase Busy Toys

Some pets are more active than others. There are lots of tools and toys you can purchase to help with their boredom.

Dog Toys

  1. Interactive Toy Ball – Your pet can chew and touch it, and the ball moves as they play.
  2. Interactive Puzzle Game Toys – Hide food in little cubbies and watch your pet keep themselves busy while they try to unlock the puzzle and get the food
  3. Dog Chew Toy – Many pets enjoy chewing but as an owner, you don’t necessarily want them eating more. A chew toy made to withstand chewing and not be eaten is great for canines
  4. Snuffle mat – A snuffle mat is a machine-washable fabric toy. You hide treats inside of it, and the dog stays busy looking for it. 

Cat Toys

  1. Laser – There are handheld lasers to entertain your cat, but there are also automatic lasers you can set up for your cat to play with. 
  2. Interactive Moving toy – Cats love to chase things. Why not purchase a battery-operated toy that moves like a mouse around your floor.
  3. Cat Fishing Toy – Cats love to fish for things in the water, and this toy will keep them occupied for quite a long time.