“You’re Late” (Without These Time Management Tools)

You're Late - Without These Time Management Tips

Some of us are chronically late. Late to appointments, late meeting deadlines (late to just about anything). But there are solutions, so it’s time to buckle down, strategize, and figure out which time management tools might transform us late-sters from time-delayed to habitually punctual. You can do it, we promise!

Quick Read:
People who regularly missing deadlines or show up late to appointments are often really just tired and exhausted from busy schedules. Time management tools like Focus@Will, Kiwake Alarm Clock, Pomodoro tomato timers, Toggl and more can help the chronically late to regain control of an out-of-control life. I hope this list helps someone find renewed focus like a few of these options did for me!

Regain Control of Your life With These Time Management Tools.


Focus@Will is a scientifically-backed app that focuses on the way sound impacts our ability to stay focused, be creative, and store information. It uses a combination of music and science to help listeners stay focused while increasing productivity.


ToDoist is great for making comprehensive “To Do” lists, especially for those who need to break a project down into smaller tasks. Users can set deadlines, create recurring reminders, and assign priority levels to each item on the list. Tasks can even shift around to make sure everything fits properly into a looming schedule.

1-3-5 List

The idea of one big “To Do” list makes me cringe. Users can choose one large task, three mid-level tasks, and five smaller tasks to include on a daily list. The 1-3-5 List app offers   templates or users can customize their own.


Some are always late because they get sucked into social media or web surfing sessions. RescueTime will analyze exactly where users are wasting the most time so they can make conscious changes to internet habits.

Kiwake Alarm Clock

Kiwake, an app available for iOS, injects a little fun into the morning by taking away the ability to hit the snooze button. The persistent alarm won’t shut itself off until the user plays a brain game and reviews their list of goals for the day.

Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro Technique, also known as the Tomato Timer, was developed in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo. The technique involves breaking each task into 25 minute segments and taking a five minute break after the timer goes off. Rinse and repeat until all tasks are complete. Users report they stay on focus and waste a lot less time.


Some chronically late people aren’t sure where the time goes. If that’s the case, Toggl is a time management app that lets users track the minutes spent on specific tasks. This is great for personal or business use, giving those who need it the ability to see where they could be prioritizing differently or even delegating to someone else.

Forest App

Focus can be everything to those who are chronically late. In the Forest app users plant a tree and watch it grow. If they move away from the app before a preset period of time, the tree will die. Users learn to focus in a gamified way. The upside? Success in real life just might drive the creators to plant real trees.


One of the coolest things about Workflow is the way it batches tasks together. Let’s say you have a meeting at 9am on Tuesday morning. You can set Workflow up to remind you of your meeting and pull up a map so you know how to get there, saving tons of time that morning. Batching helps to defray the cost of distraction.

Gmail Send Later

Gmail Send Later lets users work whenever they’re ready, and gives users the opportunity to schedule emails so they’ll go out at a more convenient or agreed upon time.

Focus and other tools can take the pressure off and release the stress that sometimes causes chronic lateness. As we better organize our lives we often find we’re less frazzled and being on time becomes less daunting.