3 Tips to Help You THRIVE During Your Freshman Year

tips freshman year

It’s freshman year of college, and you have a whole year of new experiences ahead of you. Everything is fresh- there’s no way of knowing what to expect over the next four years as you pursue your degree. There are classes to take, people to meet, and professors to impress. A few tips can help you master your freshman year and get a head start.

How do you prepare for your freshman year to truly thrive while you’re in school? Here are 4 tips that will guide you to enjoy your time at your university of choice and ultimately succeed in your studies. 

1. Maintain a Sleep Schedule

When you’re in college, hardly anyone gets enough shut-eye to function properly during the day. Students stay up late talking, studying, and hanging out both on and off-campus. Without decent sleep, it’s impossible to function when you’re doing your schoolwork.

No matter how tempted you are to pull off an all-nighter, make sure that you keep up with a sleep schedule that works for you. Get to bed at a reasonable hour so that you’re not falling asleep in the lectures you pay good money to attend. Maybe you can even incorporate a nighttime routine full of relaxing self-care. There’s no point in paying so much in tuition fees if you can hardly keep up in class. 

2. Prioritize Socialization

You’re still getting to know the ropes when you’re a freshman. There’s a whole campus full of people you’ve never met and endless possibilities for new friends. Prioritize meeting new people during your first year of college so that you can start to develop the support system you need to help you get through school. 

There will likely be days when you feel uncomfortable, and you just want to hide away in your dorm room. The more you do this, the more you’ll miss out on connecting with people you’ll need to know down the road. Live outside of your comfort zone by going to the orientation events and chatting it up with your classmates. 

3. Get to Know Your Professors

It’s a good idea to have a good relationship with your professors during your time at school. Every prof lists hours in the syllabus that they’ll be available for questions and assistance in their office. Take them up on their offer and swing by to get a better grip on your classwork. This will make you stand out from the rest of your peers who only do the bare minimum. 

When you’re able to connect with your professors, you’ll have more access to the resources you’ll need to pass their classes. Not only that, but they’ll likely keep you in mind for future job opportunities or potential programs that will help you get ahead in your career. The earlier you start this networking process, the better your chances are of success!

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