5 Tricks for Minimizing Your Living Costs

Need to start cutting down on your living costs right now? While there are tons of tips for trimming the fat, not all of them bring immediate results. Keep reading for some quick changes that will help you reduce costs and live more frugally.

Quick Read:
Living paycheck to paycheck is no one’s dream. Everyone wants to live comfortably and enjoy the little things in life, but sometimes everyday expenses stack up and get in the way. Cutting back here and there can give you some wiggle room in your budget. Read on to find out what you can do to cut back right away.

Cut Your Budget in Just 7 Days With These Life Hacks:

Working a job that isn’t entirely covering all of your expenses? Making just enough to cover your basic human needs and not much else? You’re definitely not alone. While long-term solutions might mean going back to school or changing career paths, some short-term solutions may help you feel a bit less like you’re just barely treading water between paychecks.

Ditch Your Cable

Cable is expensive, and the costs can creep up on us. The average cable provider entices us with a low monthly rate for the first year or two, and then the price slowly starts to increase. Either shop around for another service provider and take advantage of a new deal or ditch cable altogether and opt for online streaming services instead.

Dump the Daily Coffee

No! We don’t mean you have to stop drinking coffee. We do suggest you should ditch your favorite local (or national chain) coffee shop and make your own at home. Buy yourself a reusable thermal mug or cold up, brew up a big batch, and add your own flavorings. You won’t be tempted to buy the extra fancy coffee drinks, or the donuts or cookies that come with, and the dollars you’re no longer spending daily will add up.

Shop Off Label

While we agree that there are always a few grocery items from the major brands that are better than the generic versions, the majority of food items that are unbranded, taste just as good, and cost a ton less.

Consider shopping in a different grocery store altogether. Aldi, for example, is a growing chain known for lower costs. WalMart grocery stores tend to be less expensive than the traditional grocery store as well. Explore your options.

Switch Cell Phone Plans

You probably aren’t ready to give up your cell phone altogether, but odds are you’re paying a pretty hefty fee for the services you do have. Most cell phone plans offer incentives for switching, so even if you are only saving $10-$20 per month, the money will be available for something else.

Lower Your Energy Costs

Simple tricks for lowering your utility costs at home include using programmable thermostats, dropping the temperature on your hot water heater a few degrees, and washing your clothes in cold or warm water instead of hot. There are a lot of little things you can do around your home to cut back on heating, cooling, general electric, and water costs; most of which just involve being more mindful about running water, shutting lights off, and not leaving electronics plugged in. Set some new household rules and watch your monthly utility expenses start to drop.

All of these hacks are things you can start doing right now to ease your budget. Give them a shot and let us know what your other quick-tips are for cutting costs.