Delle the Dolphin Has a Shocking Secret

You won’t believe Delle the Dolphin’s shocking secret! It’s electrifying. Literally! In fact, she just might be the next wave of the future… but she isn’t real. 

Instead, she’s an incredibly intricate, amazingly realistic robot engineered to solve the problem of keeping animals in captivity at zoos and marine parks. The idea is that if we used robots for most exhibits, we could free many of the thousands of animals in captivity while still allowing for educational centers to teach about them. 

The company that created Delle started out in Hollywood special effects with the movie “Free Willy.” Engineers are using the same technology to create robots that could mimic real animals. 

Maybe you don’t think an electronic dolphin sounds like something you’d want to see in real life, but you might be surprised by just how real they look. In fact, when they tested the electronic dolphin in a tank with other marine life, only the other dolphins could tell which were artificial. The fish, sharks, and other aquatic animals all treated the robot dolphin just like the real deal.