How COVID-19 Impacts College Admissions

How COVID-19 Impacts College Admissions

( – Most of us have been touched in some way by the development of the COVID-19 crisis. It’s affecting the health of family members, the security of businesses and the mental well-being of the general population. But what about prospective college students who are trying to prepare for their careers while the future of our society looks so uncertain? Is the coronavirus influencing college admissions?

Some Reassurance From School Officials

College admissions is being affected by COVID-19 to some extent — but not necessarily in the way you might think. Despite some of the strain this situation has placed on day-to-day activities and processes, PrepScholar reports that many colleges have already made statements indicating the coronavirus would not impact their acceptance decisions.

This means that in all likelihood, the pandemic isn’t going to hurt your chances of getting into the school of your choice. According to PBS Newshour, some schools are currently extending application times and even relaxing their standardized testing requirements. If anything, this could make the process easier for applicants.

The biggest issue prospective students are facing right now is that they can’t visit the schools. Closings are making it hard for young people to get a feel for the colleges they’re applying to before enrollment. In response, many colleges are doing their best to compensate with virtual tours, so students don’t have to go in blind.

Changes in Student Plans

We know universities are doing their best to keep everything running smoothly during these crazy times, but what about the students? Some sources show that although the coronavirus won’t control admissions choices, it could affect students’ plans.

One survey conducted in March found that as many as one in six high school seniors who planned to attend a 4-year school this year are rethinking their choices as a result of COVID-19. Meanwhile, about three in five of the students in the survey felt unsure that they would be able to attend their school of choice. Some of the reasons for this ranged from affordability to the inability to overnight at their college.

So what does all this mean? For starters, regardless of whether students are worried about contracting the virus, dealing with new financial concerns or unable to visit their first-choice school, the effects could be long lasting. If you’re thinking about changing your plans or skipping a year of education, for example, you could face issues with enrollment later. And universities could suffer too, losing out on important revenue while students consider their options.

According to Forbes, thanks to the cancellations of standardized tests around the world, COVID-19 may also cause a decrease in the attendance of international students this year. With these potential dips in student enrollment, colleges might be working harder over the next few semesters to recruit new students. And although the pandemic isn’t expected to have long-term effects on the admissions cycle, economic effects could be on the horizon.

On the bright side, as long as you continue to put your best foot forward, your chances of college acceptance should be about the same as any other year. These are challenging times, and the future is hidden, but there’s also potential for growth. Seize it and take this opportunity to shine.

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