Don’t Have Time for College? Read This!

You’ve always dreamed of going to college. The only problem is there’s always something getting in the way of enrollment. Not enough money, no time, busy life, and family obligations are all valid reasons for not taking that first step. The good news? There are options for people who have busy lifestyles or who struggle from limited cash reserves. Learn how to turn excuses into start dates with these convenient steps. 

Check Out Online Courses

When you think of college, the first thing that comes to mind may be busy halls and auditoriums filled to the brim with students. This may be a good option for a student just out of high school, but not necessarily for you. 

For professionals and busy parents, there is another option: online learning. You can study from a computer at your convenience, in some cases entirely at your own pace. 

When choosing a school, you should get clarification on their flexibility. Are they strict on same-day deadlines? Explain your situation to school admissions officers; they can help you make it work. Find an online school that meets your needs. 

Use Time Management Tools  

Once you’re all signed up for classes, now it’s time to focus and get to work. Implement some time management tools in place to get the most out of every minute. 

  • Download the Pomodoro Technique App. This app helps manage your time by working effectively in small time blocks. 
  • Create a to-do list. Stick to every task on your list, marking it off along the way. 
  • Plan a schedule. Leave room for unforeseen activities, recreational, and home tasks.
  • Set deadlines. Create your own deadlines and stick to them.

Implementing small changes can turn into a routine. This helps with accomplishing goals while still engaging in everyday life. 

Just Say “No” 

This item can be hard for college parents. In order to make your time work for you, you must stick to it. Divide and conquer those huge workloads by saying no. No to going out with friends during the week and no to taking on more volunteer work at school or church. Remind yourself that your schedule will open up a bit more once school is over. 

Learn to Love Isolation

Work in some alone time for studying, which is essential for success and being able to complete academic tasks promptly and effectively. Set up a home office in the corner of a quiet space. If need be, sneak off every day to the library or coffee shop for some alone time to complete assignments or study. 

Take Baby Steps

Don’t worry if you can’t take on several credit hours all at once. It’s okay. Life is not a competition. Do what you feel you can tackle a little at a time. Or, if you want to double up on credit hours to finish faster, you can do that too. There’s no right or wrong way to graduate from college. 

Taking that first step to sign up for classes is an amazing accomplishment in itself. Be proud of yourself! Choose a college that is flexible with its students. Also, find one with a reputation for offering support both on and off-campus. Once you have your mind made up, you can do anything you want. A bright future awaits!