High School Choices That Help You Get Into College

High School Choices That Help You Get Into College

If you’re like most students, you’re already thinking about college while you’re still in high school. You may have a college you’d like to attend and want to increase your chances of getting accepted. The choices you make in high school can influence the likelihood of getting into the college of your choice. Here’s what you should know to increase those odds.

Pick Extracurricular Activities to Show You’re Well-Rounded

Many colleges like students to get involved in extracurricular activities, but it’s important to pick ones that are meaningful. Choose something that shows off your gifts and talents. For example, if you play a sport or did an internship in an area you enjoy, this can show a meaningful connection between your education and your passions. Colleges tend to look for this when admitting students.

Build Relationships to Help Get a Letter of Recommendation

Building quality relationships with your high school teachers is a skill you’ll continue to use in college and the workforce, so it’s helpful to start early. Some qualities can go a long way, such as active participation in the classroom, always being respectful and showing courtesy to others in class. It’s not necessary to have this connection with every teacher, but it is important to find a few classes where you can build these types of relationships.

Make Volunteering Part of Your Life

Another quality many colleges look for when admitting new students is a drive to give back to their community. The type of volunteering you do isn’t as important as the effort. It isn’t necessary to have a leadership role. Many colleges seek out individuals who show dedication to their particular line of work. Whether that’s volunteering at an animal shelter or cleaning up a highway, make sure you convey your contributions in a manner that reflects this.

Know What Types of Classes Can Help

Certain types of classes can help colleges look at you in a different light. While AP classes demonstrate your advanced abilities, don’t fret if you haven’t been able to include these. Seek out classes that show you’re a well-rounded individual. Many colleges want to see students who have taken algebra and geometry, along with English and American literature. Challenging electives, such as computer science and psychology, can show you’re not worried about taking on difficult material.

The right choices in high school can help increase your chances of getting admitted to the college of your choice. This can include extracurriculars at school, your own independent volunteering and the relationships you build. Even picking the right classes can demonstrate your abilities and work toward the overall goal of gaining admission. Choose carefully, and you can feel confident about applying to the college of your choice.

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