Is a Bachelor’s Degree Enough?

Is a Bachelor’s Degree Enough?

Wanting to embark on a new career? The first step in that process is obtaining a degree. For a solid education, a 4-year college program is often the most sought-after option. But is a bachelor’s degree enough? With more employers looking past college degrees, here are some things they may be on the search for.

Build Professional Contacts

Whether a degree takes two years or ten, it’s important to add more than just a major to the experience and skill section of a resume. This is where making a solid block of professional contacts is vital to landing that dream job. Choose people who can vouch for your drive and ambition and believe you are going places in life. Take a close look at people you know such as:

  • Managers and co-workers from past jobs.
  • Community or government leaders.
  • College professors.
  • Recent college graduates.
  • CEOs and business owners.

Make a list and contact potential references about writing letters of recommendation. These documents will be good sources to have attached to a resume.

Volunteer Your Time

College studies can consume a lot of time, so think proactively when a spare day pops up. Instead of using free time for doing something with friends or going to a party, consider volunteering.

Going nursing school? Volunteer in the community through a hospital or nursing home. While it may be an unpaid position, you can use these experiences to boost knowledge in relation to your course of study.

Keep Your Social Media Clean

A bachelor’s degree is a good starting point for landing the perfect job, but employers also take a glance at personal lifestyles. Social media is often the first place they start. If any explicit or inappropriate posts or photos exist, they may find them. This could cost a second interview and inevitably the job.

Highlight Multiple Skill Sets on That Resume

Most people who attend college also must work part-time to make ends meet. Skip past working at the local pizza joint and broaden that skill set. Going for a social work degree? Find a part-time job that helps with outreach or community empowerment like a secretary at a counselor’s office. Choose entry-level positions that will broaden expertise moving forward.

Moving forward into the 21st century means employers are tightening up their core base even more. An education looks good on paper, but you’ll need to bring all you’ve got to the table to land the perfect job.

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