Is Your Story Your Best New Side Gig?

Is Your Story Your Best New Side Gig?


Your rough life might be a burden, but it can also be a significant motivator that helps you evolve and grow as a person, too. Sound corny? Here’s the thing; you can teach others how to avoid the mistakes you made and even earn some cash on the side at the same time. Essentially, you put your history to work for you instead of letting it hold you back. We’ll reveal the secret information you need to transform your life experiences into a side gig right here.

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Experience is the most valuable teacher we have in life, but that doesn’t mean every learning experience is easy to cope with. You can help others overcome their challenges by sharing your wisdom and lessons – all while bringing money in at the same time. Why not be a part of the solution, not the problem? We’ll tell you how.

Here’s How to Earn a Wage from Your Life Experiences.

Blog About Your Life Experiences

Stories are powerful. Our ancient ancestors passed along tales and mythology to inspire and guide younger generations. Your stories can help people find their way and help you find your way if you share them in the right way.

Think about it.

You survived and overcame challenges other individuals struggle with every single day. While you may have made it, they’re still trying to find a way out.

You can be a part of that!

Start a blog and share your experiences. You can make one for free with easy-to-use websites like Wix, GoDaddy or Weebly. Eventually, you’ll want to design your own website with hosting for more financial control and creative freedom.

As for bringing in funds, your goal is to attract an audience. From there, you have many ways to monetize your site: display advertisements, write sponsored content, set up a merchandise store or even use your site as a portal to your other projects.

Inspirational Vlogs

Inspirational articles help, but there’s no substitution for real, live video with you sharing your feelings and thoughts. Often, all a person needs to get moving is a motivational speech. You can be the speaker that changes lives.

How exactly should you get started? It depends on what you have to share, but simply vlogging about your life and telling stories about how you overcame hardship is a great place to start. Local open mics and other speaking events can also help you get your feet wet, but they can be limiting if you’re in a small area.

You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment to get started vlogging. In fact, a lot of Youtubers just use smartphones at first. Later on down the road, after you monetize, you can use some of the income to improve your equipment.

Remember: you have a story – and you deserve to have it heard.

Create Local Support Networks

The number of broken households in America is staggering. Children who grow up in a shattered family are at a severe disadvantage compared to their peers; even moving around too often during childhood is damaging. Many people grow up without role models or stable communities that provide help when it’s needed the most.

You know the importance of a functional community better than anyone else. Maybe you watched this situation unfold for someone else or you even experienced it first-hand growing up. Those experiences? They make you perfect for advocacy work.

Try creating a local support network to bring people together. You can’t stop life from throwing curveballs at people, nor can you save them. You can hand them a rope or a safety net and show them the way out by sharing.

Use Music as Your Outlet

Musicians are in tune with the human condition. That’s why celebrity musicians often work their own tough life experiences into their music; it becomes a force for good and a livelihood as much as it is also a form of self-expression.

Then, there’s also the fact that music is a universal language. What we can’t explain we can often describe through music. The right tune has the potential to break down decades-old emotional walls.

If you’re musically-inclined, share that gift with the world. Rap is a favorite genre for telling life stories, but it’s okay if you’re not into it – there’s so many other choices out there. Try country, pop, indie, or even spoken word.

It all counts.

It’s all about you and what works best.

Strike the right balance between finding a sound people love and expressing your experiences. When you do, people will start listening – and that leads to gigs (or maybe even a record deal someday).

You aren’t a failure just because you weren’t born privileged, wealthy, or able to access all the best opportunities. In reality, your rough times are assets you can leverage to help others and yourself at the same time. Turn your story into your next side gig and get one step closer to financial freedom – all while being true to your story.

That’s what matters.

~Here’s to Your Success.