Quick-Start Careers That Pay Off Sooner Than College

Quick-Start Careers That Pay Off Sooner Than College

Does the thought of paying for an expensive college education make you cringe? It’s okay that not everyone is destined to go to a post-secondary school or university. Let’s face it, some young adults want to jump into the job market without being saddled down with crippling student loan and credit card debt. Here are some quick-start careers that only require a little amount of training.

Pharmacy Technician

Love the thought of working in medicine, but an 8- or 10-year college degree seems out of reach? Consider becoming a pharmacy technician. Many vocational schools, as well as major pharmacies like Walgreens, offer tech certification.

They will train you and give you the opportunity to take the test to become state certified. Some employers will pay for the license or reimburse you, so training can be low-cost or free. Most pharmacy techs average around $16.00 an hour.


Have a true passion for houses and finance? Exploring a career as a real estate agent may be an awesome choice. Realtors possess solid skills like:

  • Being a people person who knows how to network.
  • Knowledge of homes, property types, construction and its basic components.
  • Basic math and measurement skills.
  • Understanding of finance and real estate legal issues.
  • Excellent communication with buyers and sellers.

Find a real estate company to start with. They may offer short-term training to help you prepare for the state exam. Take the state test, and once you obtain a license, you can start selling. Some of the wealthiest people are real estate moguls. Depending on how hard you work, the sky’s the limit on what you can earn.

Massage Therapist

Individuals who seek a hands-on approach to their job might consider a career in massage therapy. Most courses range from 330 to 1,000 hours depending on the state. You may be eligible for financial aid, but tuition is generally affordable. Expect to rake in around $39,000 a year as a full-time massage therapist.

Certified Nursing Assistant

A major issue with getting a nursing education is that it takes time and leaves a lot of loan debt in its wake. But being able to help others with their ADLs, or activities for daily living, is rewarding. Turning it into a career and making decent money makes it a win-win.

You can become a certified nursing assistant, or CNA, with just a few months of training. The employment possibilities are plenty. Find a job in home health care, hospitals, nursing homes or clinics in almost every town in the U.S.

You can enter many of these quick-start careers right away, and in some cases, an employer may foot the training costs. Either way, they offer affordable options, and you can start putting your first paycheck into your bank account rather than paying off high-balance student loans.

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