These Bad Study Habits Will Make or Break Your Final Grade

Studying can be quite a chore. It takes lots of time, effort, and mental energy to accomplish. Without the right habits in place, you could be doing things that put a big dent in your final grade at the end of the semester.

Get ahead of the game by improving your study habits before you have to scramble to learn everything right before a big test. If you start being self-disciplined earlier in the semester, your consistency in studying is sure to come in handy by the time finals roll around.

Here are some problematic study habits that you should avoid if you want to get good grades in your classes.

Using Your Phone

Having your phone around while you study can be a big temptation. When you get notifications, it’s natural to want to open them and see what’s going on. Avoid using your phone while you’re studying so that you can stay on track.

If you don’t trust your focus when your phone is around, try turning it on airplane mode or even handing it over to a responsible friend during your study time. The more distance you create between you and your phone, the more prolonged focus you’ll have.

Keeping Extra Tabs Open

While you’re studying, there’s no need to have your Amazon cart open on the tab that’s right next to your review tab. Keep your open tabs to a minimum so that you only see what needs to be done at that moment. 

If you need extra help doing this, sites like Freedom are programmed to block distracting sites while you take the time to go over your schoolwork. You can schedule sessions ahead of time so that you can dive into your work right when your study session starts.

Playing Music With Lyrics

Music has actually been proven to be a great study tool to help keep your thoughts centralized on one topic. However, if you’re singing along to your favorite playlist, you’re probably not getting much done outside of having a fun karaoke session.

Instead of playing music with words, try swapping out your regular tunes for instrumental versions. You can also try out sites like who create music specifically for increased levels of focus.