Aquarius Horoscope

Oct 23, 2019… Aquarians could desire healthier ways to express their frustrations today. If you’re ready to let loose and blow off some of that excess steam, your vibe will be just right to let that mess go. Reach out to a few friends or get in touch with the family. You can organize a group activity or bring them along for your favorite hobby. Are you on your own? What’s your favorite go-to for a little lift and release? Put an even healthier spin on it. Taking care of you today can raise your vibe for days to come.

Today’s Soul Advice: You are given this life with a world of possibilities waiting for you. Grab opportunities and live with the intention to craft yourself into the person you most want to be. Make choices that you’ll be proud to talk about. Make memories that fill you with jubilance when you recall them. Make this life the best one you can live.