Aquarius Horoscope

Oct 4, 2022… Aquarians could tangle with an anxious vibe today. When your nerves are already on high alert, it’s a good idea to avoid adding to it. Skip that 3rd cup of coffee or soda if you’re already vibrating! Instead, use relaxation techniques that work best for you. Try to channel your energy into small tasks that you’re good at. This way, you can burn off some of the stress. Plus, you can end the day knowing you’ve accomplished a lot.

Today’s Inspiration: New beginnings often start with endings. The world moves forward a little more each day, and you have a choice as to whether to move forward with it. Keep your momentum, no matter the pace; new and amazing ideas are waiting up ahead, but the road leading to them may take a few turns. Keep looking forward to your intentions and goals and they will reveal themselves as you go.