Pisces Horoscope

Sep 30, 2020… Pisces could struggle to take the high road when facing drama today. It can be too easy to be swept away and strike back when you face issues, but that only encourages the drama to continue. Resisting the urge to stick the metaphorical knife in and twist actually benefits you. Instead, plot a way to get around the problems you face. Leaving them hanging, living well, and not reacting can be the best revenge you could ever serve.

Today’s Soul Advice: Inevitably, the road you travel will lead you to some mountains and rocky roadblocks. You can climb the mountain, go around it, or turn back and choose a different path. If you decide you want to climb that mountain, that means that your path is important to you and that you feel pulled by something on the other side. Gear up, pull out the bravery right from your soul, and get to it. Your passions are worth the climb.