Pisces Horoscope

Jun 13, 2024… You may appear to be in a real funk to those around you today, Pisces. No matter how you feel on the inside, you could be giving off a grumpy vibe. If those around you tell you that they’re concerned about you looking a little more melancholy than usual today, reassuring them that things are fine in your world could be all that is needed. Talking over any troubles that might be hanging out in some corner of your heart with someone close to you if you are a little low could also help lift your spirits.

Today’s Inspiration: In our search for love, it can be all too easy to forget that a relationship is a partnership, not ownership. You do not belong to anyone but yourself! If someone acts as though you are their possession, they are not soulmate material. Keep searching for the one who will work with you, not someone who works to own you.