Scorpio Horoscope

Dec 07, 2019… Your secret grudges could ride to the surface today. Though it isn’t unheard of for a Scorpio to hold onto past hurts, it isn’t exactly healthy, either. The truth is that hanging onto stuff doesn’t hurt anyone but you! People who have hurt you go on with their lives. If you just sit there stewing, what does it accomplish? The best revenge truly is simply living well. Hold your head high and your weekend will be much brighter.

Today’s Soul Advice: Not all journeys you go on will be your choice. Sometimes life just sends us packing down the road. Other times we start on a path and it gets rocky and steep so we want to turn back, but retracing our steps isn’t an option. No matter the circumstances that put you on the journey, every road trip can be a fun adventure — it’s all about outlook. Make the most of it.