Scorpio Horoscope

Sep 25, 2020… Scorpios will have a very social vibe surrounding them today. You can feed off the energy of those around you and that can make you feel very warm and connected. Sharing, teaching, and learning in a group is on your menu for today, and it can really get your engines going. Whether in work or play, being around others today can get you a natural high and raise your vibe.

Today’s Soul Advice: Imagine you are on a deserted island and need to cross the sea. You could walk the entire island and exhaust yourself before resigning to swim for it or make a raft and float away. Regardless, you have to face that ocean. Pain is a lot like that. You can avoid it as much as possible but that’ll just exhaust you and in the end you have to face it. Brave it as soon as you’re ready. You can overcome.