Virgo Horoscope

Oct 4, 2023… Your self confidence could dip a little today, Virgo. Life can be similar for most Virgos — difficulties come and go, and it’s how you handle it that makes all the difference. If something happened that has you questioning yourself, it could clearly be time for that pep talk in the mirror! If you continue to have difficulty in regaining your roar, remember that the best way out of a funk is to help someone else. Go ahead. Try it. Your balance will be restored and you’ll have the double blessing of making someone else’s day.

Today’s Inspiration: You are the only person whose actions you can control. You are not responsible for how others treat you or react to you. Their actions and choices come from their own view of the world. Of course, this doesn’t mean you needn’t be kind. Of course you should. This does means that when people are unkind to you, it is not your fault or really about you to begin with.