Aries Horoscope

Oct 3, 2022… You could be prone to mood swings today, Aries. If one minute you’re laughing and the next you’re singing the blues — you could feel like a yo-yo on a rubber string. Take heart: you’re human and have a full range of feelings. If you’re on edge, avoid substances that might make it worse, like caffeine or alcohol. Ride the wave, take a few deep breaths, and this will pass. You can end the day on a high note once you get your vibe evened out.

Today’s Inspiration: New beginnings often start with endings. The world moves forward a little more each day, and you have a choice as to whether to move forward with it. Keep your momentum, no matter the pace; new and amazing ideas are waiting up ahead, but the road leading to them may take a few turns. Keep looking forward to your intentions and goals and they will reveal themselves as you go.