Leo Horoscope

Aug 20, 2019… Like a dripping faucet or a fly buzzing around the light fixture, Leos may find little things getting under their skin today. And, while so many things could just be like nails on the old chalkboard to you, remember to stay focused on the positives and keep the big picture in mind. I mean, who but a Leo could raise right above the noise? You’ve got it going on. Holding onto thoughts of peace can turn your whole perspective around. You can do it.

Today’s Soul Advice: Attention is a precious gift, the value of which is inestimable. By simply, but truly, giving your attention to someone, you can connect with them deeply. When you talk with someone, give them your undivided attention. Your souls will connect when the two of you provide each other with your attention, and it’s an amazing feeling.