Gemini Horoscope

Oct 4, 2022… Finances could weigh on your mind today. Nothing throws a Gemini off balance like being unable to decide the best move to make. Indecision isn’t new to you, but it can still frustrate you to no end. If you have possessions or money issues on your mind, direct your thoughts to what you actually need. Outside of that, everything else is just a perk! What can you do to secure what you have? Tap into that energy, and solutions and a clearer perspective will emerge.

Today’s Inspiration: New beginnings often start with endings. The world moves forward a little more each day, and you have a choice as to whether to move forward with it. Keep your momentum, no matter the pace; new and amazing ideas are waiting up ahead, but the road leading to them may take a few turns. Keep looking forward to your intentions and goals and they will reveal themselves as you go.