Sagittarius Horoscope

Feb 29, 2024… Sagittarius, you could find yourself making big plans for the future today. While that may sound like an ordinary Thursday to you, unexpected events can spark ideas. Ideas can take root in your life and create a craving to adjust your path. If something captures your attention, consider following where it leads, even if it brings some need for adjustments to your world. It can be very exciting to start in a new direction, and the payoff can be in the journey as well as in the destination.

Today’s Inspiration: Life moves in cycles, like the moon. We each have our time to shine, and our time to step quietly back. We wax and wane as we grow and age, building our lives and building ourselves along the way. Sometimes we fall into shadow, shaded by others, and sometimes we are exposed in all our beauty. Each is a phase, and each will pass. And each will eventually come back around again.