Sagittarius Horoscope

Dec 3, 2020… Sagittarians can get a little carried away with changes around the house or office today. If you’re a typical Sag, known for a love of excitement and adventure, change can go well beyond just rearranging furniture. But, when you’ve been looking at the same four walls for a while, it can start to get old pretty fast. If you’re looking to make any improvements or decorating changes, perhaps start small. You can always do more as you go and improvise. If you pace yourself, you will be able to step back and enjoy the process.

Today’s Soul Advice: A strong foundation has a huge impact on our resilience. If we weren’t built up with love and confidence, it can be all too easy to crumble and fall apart. Rebuild, friend. Make your own new foundation out of the things your soul needs. You are the builder and the building.