Libra Horoscope

Dec 07, 2019… New information might be a little harder for Libras to absorb today. Even for a master communicator, it may not be easy to figure out exactly what people are trying to tell you. Sometimes it can be challenging to even know the right questions to ask! If you aren’t absorbing information like you feel you should, you may need to nourish your mind. Restful sleep, better nutrition, or even some exercise can make your mind sharper. Take this as a call to give yourself a little extra care today, and the focus will come.

Today’s Soul Advice: Burnout happens when we work too hard and don’t play at all. Recess isn’t just for kids! Schedule fun into your daily to-do list to protect yourself from burning out due to the stresses of the daily grind. Get out there and swing on those figurative (or literal) monkey bars.