Cancer Horoscope

July 12, 2024… Social confusion could be a stumbling block for Cancers today. Do you love your friends, but don’t always “get” them? This can be one of those days when you may struggle to understand what others really mean by their words or actions. A friend may do something that seems illogical, or express opinions that you disagree with or simply can’t relate to. Do more listening than speaking, tapping into your natural well of compassion. You may find they tell you what you need to know to better understand — and you may not even have to ask.

Today’s Inspiration: How do you celebrate the ordinary to make it extraordinary? You can dance to the music in the wind, sing to the audience of the land, or laugh with the wonders of the world. Let your imagination soar with the stars, reach for your dreams, and let life rejuvenate your soul. The world is yours to discover and find the special moments in.