Gemini Horoscope

Aug 19, 2019… Geminis can ride strong upward currents today. Excitement is in the air, especially where it concerns innovation. What is your ideal life, at least, right now? Setting new intentions can be a worthy beginning today. If you know what you want your life to include, you can begin to gather the tools to create it, live it, and be it. The vibe today will encourage you to begin to shape the next phase of your life, and will provide an amazing energy to get started.

Today’s Soul Advice: Attention is a precious gift, the value of which is inestimable. By simply, but truly, giving your attention to someone, you can connect with them deeply. When you talk with someone, give them your undivided attention. Your souls will connect when the two of you provide each other with your attention, and it’s an amazing feeling.