3 Jobs Where Appearance Doesn’t Matter

3 Jobs Where Appearance Doesn't Matter

Tired of squeezing into uncomfortable suits or killing yourself to keep up with the current trends? Do social media images or cliquish office exchanges leave you wanting to hide behind the copy machine? Consider breaking free from society’s aesthetic demands by finding a job where your appearance doesn’t matter.

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Sick of standing out for just being you? Forget worrying over your appearance and find a job working from home as a virtual assistant, data entry clerk or transcriber. Ditch the concealer and learn where you can work wearing your favorite ugly shirt in these three jobs.

Check Out These 3 Jobs Where It Doesn’t Matter How You Look.

Virtual Assistant

Are you organized, detail-oriented and able to juggle multiple tasks at once? If so, you might make a great virtual assistant (VA). Typical responsibilities include answering emails, scheduling appointments and completing other organizational tasks.

The average salary for a VA is a little over $34,000, but individuals with the energy and talent to excel can make substantially more. Not bad for a job you can do in your pajamas. Check out listings at Remote.co, Fiverr and ZipRecruiter.

Data Entry

You don’t have to worry about your hair or your weight if you work from home as a data entry clerk. The average salary is just shy of $32,000, and most companies require little to no work experience. You do need an eye for accuracy and detail, and you’ll need to be comfortable learning and navigating basic databases. See what openings might be right for you at Flexjobs or Indeed.


Fast, accurate typists can make good money transcribing audio files for schools, businesses and production companies. Most companies will hire you without any experience as long as you can prove basic proficiency in spelling and grammar. Salary starts at about $29,000 per year, but you can earn significantly more with experience. Best of all, no one cares that you’re not wearing makeup or a tie. Find entry-level transcription work through TranscribeMe! or Rev.

Stop worrying about how you look and concentrate on what really matters. Find a job where the beauty in your work outshines everything else, and with an added bonus of ditching your commute. A growing number of people are now working from home, so why can’t one of them be you?