Ask These 3 Questions to Survive Hard Times

Ask These 3 Questions to Survive Hard Times
Ask These 3 Questions to Survive Hard Times

Life isn’t always easy, but when hard times hit, the world can feel like an unforgiving place. As hard as it gets, we believe you CAN survive – if you have the right information and support. But figuring out what you need isn’t always easy; you really need to dig deep and do a bit of soul-searching. Start with these three questions to discover who you really are and why you’re actually more adaptable than you think.

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Struggling through hard times? Ask yourself what’s holding you back, if there’s a reason for it and what’s within your control to change. Check out the full article for details on how to use these three questions to gain perspective and push past hard times.

These 3 Questions Can Help You Survive Hard Times.

“What’s Holding Me Back?”

Hard times are built on obstacles. Getting to the root of those barriers can help you find solutions.

Search beyond the surface of your problems. For example, if money’s an issue, a lack of higher education could be holding you back.

Make a list of all that currently stands in your way, and then brainstorm steps you can take to overcome each issue.

Consider the possibility that you’re also holding yourself back. It’s easy to allow fear of failure, or even fear of success, to drive important decisions. If part of your stagnation is due to self-sabotage, it may be time to assess your fears and face them head on. The hardest and scariest choices can lead to some of the most rewarding outcomes. What have you got to lose?

“Is There a Reason for This?”

The universe is a chaotic place, which can make the roller coaster we call life feel random and purposeless. Look for the lesson in what you’re going through to help put it in perspective. Keep in mind that you might need to dig a little to find it, especially if you’re really struggling.

Think about past events you’ve survived, how impossible they felt at the time. They were unbearably hard, yet…somehow, you pushed through.

What did you learn from those difficult times?

How might you have viewed them differently in hindsight, and how might you apply that experience to your current situation?

That info is golden.

“What’s Within My Control?”

For every situation, there will be factors beyond your control. There will also be some within your power to change. Make a list for each, and then file away the ones you can’t do anything about.

Don’t waste your time and energy worrying about impossible problems. Instead, focus your attention on what you can change – and then start an action plan to tackle the issues.

Hard times can knock down even the most resilient of people, but you can pull yourself back up. Dig deep, looking within for answers before you search anywhere else. You have more power than you realize, but it’s up to you to claim it. You’ve got this!