How to Make Extra Cash Right On Campus

How to Make Extra Cash Right On Campus

Off to college? Even if you’re working a part-time job or getting a stipend from your parents, money can be tight. Between studies and work, you might not have much time for anything else. Did you know you could earn extra money without having to leave campus? Here are some fun and easy ways.

Get Paid to Stay Healthy on Campus

Your health is important. Do you track your steps and what you eat? You could be getting paid to do it. Apps like Achievement pay you to participate in tasks like exercising, sleeping, losing weight, eating healthy and even participating in health research experiments. Rack up the points and redeem for cash.

Be a Tutor

There’s always a demand for good tutors on campus. If you’re a whiz in one or more subjects, you can make some serious cash being a tutor. Sign up in the student services center or set up a personal business.

There are community bulletin boards in campus halls that allow advertising among students. Talk to peers who are struggling. Word-of-mouth is a great way to get new clients.

Work in Disability Support Services

Numerous students are starting the new school year with a disability, and some of them need special accommodations and services. That is where students like you come in.

Helping a student get to and from classes, taking notes or being a liaison for those with language or emotional barriers is a win for everyone. Talk to your school’s office of accessibility services for more information.

Sell Old Textbooks

You may no longer have any use for some of your textbooks after a class ends. If you bought your books outright, try reselling them. You can sell your slightly used books back to the school bookstore, sell directly to students through your campus website or bulletin board or go through a third-party retailer like Amazon. Hard-to-find books sell for the most money.

Participate in Craft Shows and Bazaars

Love going to the on-campus bazaars and craft shows? With everything from yummy treats to hand-carved items and monogrammed shirts, there’s something for everyone. Try selling your own handmade goods or creations. Personalized lanyards, grandma’s homemade brownies or football blankets are just some of the items you can make and sell on campus for cash.

Try using one or more of these ways to earn some fast income and help you out in a pinch. Find something that’s worth the time spent and the dollar return. Make it fun and share your ideas with others so they can have extra money too.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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