The 12 Zodiacs as Types of College Students

The month you were born in might say a lot about the kind of student you are, or it might not. The zodiac is more art than science, but it’s a fun way to explore personality and behavior. We’ve reimagined each sign as a type of college student.

How does yours match up?


Students who miss a class know to turn to you for the best notes. You’re probably on staff at the University newspaper and keeping a blog on the side. Documenting current events and studying the past is what you live for, so you might be a journalism or history major.


You are well-loved because you’re so good to everyone around you. Despite having a part-time job, you’re always low on cash because you’re covering your friends’ meals and making donations to causes you care about. Volunteering as a tutor is how you spend free time between your classes as an education major.


Whether it’s throwing a spirit week event or prepping for a class project, you might need reining in from time to time. You dream big, and you don’t plan on letting something as small as a hurdle get in your way. Your plans for the future are lofty, but you’ve spent plenty of time daydreaming exactly how you’re going to get there.


College sports are the highlight of your four years there, and you’ve probably attended every single game. You’re not just a fan, either. You might be pursuing a degree in physical education or athletic training because you believe consistent effort over time is the key to success.


If you skip class, your classmates might panic. They’ve gotten so used to seeing you there, usually five minutes early, ready to take notes and armed with enough pencils to share. Plus, everyone wants you in the study group because you don’t just pull your own weight — you’re interested in helping everyone around you succeed.


You’re at every college party, and yet you also somehow manage to make the Dean’s list. How you pull it off is a mystery to everyone around you. A college degree doing something creative, like theater or writing, is your chance to explore your other sides.


Forming a study group is your first task when a new class begins. Devoted to helping friends succeed, you have this funny way of making everyone around you believe they can get an A on the next exam. These aren’t empty promises. You’re ruthless with flashcards and tracking down anyone who doesn’t show to study sessions.


Senior class president? Check. You’re also on the leadership circle of your sorority and running a networking group for the future CEOs of the business world. The five-year plan you created as a high school freshman is well underway.


You always have good grades, but you don’t get loud about it. Solo studying is your thing because you never feel confident in your skill set, despite being one of the top students in your class. Even if you graduate with honors, you might find yourself wondering if you could have done more.


When friends step into your dorm room, they’re amazed at how you’ve turned an eight-by-eight space with a window the size of a cereal box into a stylish and comfortable abode. You make everything beautiful, so it makes sense that you’re pursuing a degree in design.


Intense and focused, you are both loved and feared by everyone around you. A degree in political science or environmental law would be a good fit, and you may even decide to pursue a career as an attorney. Your favorite classes are those that offer opportunities for discussion and debate.


You live for the weekends and you’ve always got a plan for an adventure in the works. A couple months into the school year, you’ve already camped at every National Park within a day’s drive and attended three out-of-state concerts. Everyone around you is amazed that you’re still getting good grades.

Everyone is unique, and we each fit our own mold, but the signs can have a way of predicting the directions we take. Above all else, they’re a fun way to look at who we are and what we hope to accomplish. Does the zodiac ring true for you?

~Here’s to Your Success!

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