Get Hired on Campus With These Job Search Tips

Get Hired on Campus With These Job Search Tips

Starting an on-campus job is a wonderful way to earn some experience and extra money while you’re in college. But if you’re a first-time student, you might not know what to expect. It’s important to put as much work and dedication into the on-campus application process as you would any other job search. Try out these five simple tips this semester and find a job at school that fits your schedule and skillset.

Build Your Resume and Cover Letter

It’s a good idea to have a resume and cover letter available when you apply for any type of employment. The best part about getting these two documents ready ahead of time is that you can reuse them whenever you apply for a position. All you need to do is make appropriate edits and updates as needed to tailor them to a specific position. The resume and cover letter will likely be the employer’s first impression of you unless you’ve interacted with them at school in the past. Try to keep these as professional and organized as possible.

Check out Campus Job Openings

Most colleges either have job boards or online postings that show all the current opportunities on campus. There could be positions open for the library, athletic department, tutoring sector, IT services and much more, so don’t be afraid to dig in and learn more about what’s available. Just remember to apply right away if you’re interested — departments often fill positions quickly, especially at larger schools!

Network With People on Campus

Students often find jobs at college because of the people they connect with. When you get involved in student organizations and build relationships with professors, you open up possibilities that you may not have considered otherwise. It’s also important to remember to thank on-campus supervisors you’ve worked with in the past. Showing gratitude leaves a good impression, and it could increase your number of potential job references.

Practice Your Interview Skills

Just because you’re applying for a college position doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for your best in every interview. Campus employers tend to value many of the same qualities that other employers do — professionalism, confidence and initiative. This means dressing the part, showing that you’ve done your research on the job and displaying strong speaking and listening skills.

Nerves can get in the way of any interview, so it’s important to practice as much as possible. Many schools allow you to participate in mock interviews through career services programs. While these may require some extra time and commitment on your end, the insights and tips they offer may be worth it.

Apply for Multiple Jobs

If the perfect job comes along on campus and you manage to snatch it up, that’s amazing. But there may be times when you need to find the next best thing or apply for multiple positions. Competition can be steep for student employment, so we recommend submitting your information for as many openings as you can. This way, you’ll be more likely to get an interview for one or more of the options you choose.

On-campus job searches can be challenging, but finding the right employment may open more avenues and provide you with valuable experience you can use in the future. With these tips, you may find the perfect job for you faster than you think. Higher education is an opportunity to learn and grow, so feel free to be bold and try new opportunities as they arise.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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