5 Success Barriers To Knock Down This Year

Success Barriers to Knock Down This Year

Have the last few years felt exactly the same? No matter what you do, you don’t seem to be moving forward. Success doesn’t come overnight, but maybe there’s a lot holding you back. There’s no time to make a real change like the present. Kick off the new year by removing these five annoying success barriers to move forward.

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It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and lost thinking about everything preventing you from reaching your goals. Having obstacles in your way doesn’t automatically mean they’re impossible to get rid of. None of these hurdles are permanent; you have the power to overcome them. We’ll help you figure out how to remove the things holding you back.

Shatter These Pesky Barriers to Success in 2019.

Stressing Over What Others Think of You

Have you spent too much time worrying about the approval of your friends and family this past year? Taking constructive feedback from your peers is essential to improving skills and growing as a person. Maybe you’re taking that criticism too far. If you feel paralyzed by it, it’s time to put it into perspective.

Here’s a fact: you’re harder on yourself than you should be. That self-critical attitude comes out of a desire to be the best, which is completely natural. The way others perceive you isn’t nearly as harsh as you perceive yourself. This year, don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s enough people out there to get you down; become your own personal coach instead.

Having Insurmountable Fears

Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown. Those unknowns could involve getting a new job, moving out, lack of acceptance by your peers, or the outcome of a challenging project. But here’s the thing about fear; it’s all in your head.  You don’t HAVE to let it stop you. It’s possible to work through your fears and even use them to propel you forward. Humans are incredible at adapting to new situations It’s all about leaning into your fears and being brave.

Having too Much Toxicity In Your Life

Sometimes the most significant drains in your life are the people around you. It’s a sad truth, but there will always be people who don’t want to see you succeed. These toxic individuals have deep-rooted personal problems; they often don’t feel comfortable with themselves of threatened by their peers. Ultimately, it all comes down to their own insecurity — not yours.

The remedy is to surround yourself with like-minded people. Befriend individuals who want to better themselves and their surroundings. The journey to success is a group effort. Find your own personal tribe of weirdos to replace whatever toxicity is left in your life.

Lack of Focus on the Here and Now

Do you worry about what you’ve been through or where you’re going? It’s important to learn from your mistakes, but you shouldn’t dwell on what you can’t change. Likewise, planning ahead is crucial to accomplishing goals as long as you don’t daydream or stress about what the future holds. Excessive focus on anything but what you can do right now is another roadblock on your path to success. Stay in the moment and remember to breathe.

Lacking Defined Goals

There’s a significant difference between having an idea of what you want to accomplish and knowing precisely what you want. A vague vision of your future leaves too much room for interpretation, which prevents you from making any progress. Clearly defining what you want is the first step in planning how to get it.

Once you eliminate the barriers standing in your way, success comes down to you and you alone. You have the potential to be as successful as you want to be if you put the effort in. It’s the beginning of a new year, so there’s plenty of time to change your ways.

~Here’s to Your Success!